Julia Blattner

Attorney at Law and Notary Public

Senior Associate

Julia Blattner

Julia Blattner practises as an Attorney at Law mainly in the areas of inheritance law (division and settlement, execution of wills and litigation), corporate and commercial law as well as general contract law (employment law, tenancy law, etc.).

As a Notary Public (BS), she also advises in all areas of notarial services, i.e. estate planning (drafting marriage and inheritance contracts, wills, etc., as well as advising on business succession), real estate transactions in the canton of Basel-Stadt and corporate law.

Education: Legal studies at the University of Basel (MLaw, 2016); Admission to the Bar (2019); Notary exam in Basel-Stadt (2023); Admission as Notary Public in Basel-Stadt (2024).

Professional Experience: Student Trainee in four major Zurich business law firms (2015-2016). Legal internships at the Criminal Court of Basel-Landschaft (2016), in an international pharmaceutical company (2017), in a law firm in Basel (2017-2018), as well as at the Social Security Court of Basel-Stadt (2018). Secretary to the Justice, Security and Sports Committee (2018), as well as the Committee on Pardons (2019) of the Parliament of the Canton of Basel-Stadt. Notary internships at the Land Registry Office Basel-Stadt and the Commercial Register Office Basel-Stadt (2022).

Memberships: Basel Bar Association; Swiss Bar Association; Basel Notary Association; Swiss Notary Association; Successio; Basel Lawyer’s Association; Pro Iure.

Publications: Numerous publications in the field of succession law.

Julia Blattner