Dr. Markus W. Stadlin

Attorney at Law and Notary Public


Dr. Markus W. Stadlin

Practises as Counsel and Attorney at Law before courts and arbitration tribunals in contract, corporate, property and inheritance law. Experience in estate planning, both in the private and business sector. His preferred areas are long-term corporate and private advice, the development of real estate and supporting property developers in major projects. He disposes of long standing and extensive knowledge as Notary Public, especially in the area of Swiss “Baurechte” and “Stockwerkeigentum”.

Education: Legal studies at the University of Basel.

Experience: Several years’ experience in the banking, trust, auditing and tax sectors. Experience with Sandoz International AG in divisional and group finance, international tax planning, acquisitions, divestments, joint ventures and strategic project management (1988–1992). Attorney at Law and Notary Public (partner) with Bietenholz & Fischer (1992–1998). Member of the Tax Appeal Commission of the Canton of Basel City (since 1999), since 2016 as its president.

Memberships: Basel Bar Association, Swiss Bar Association, Basel Notaries’ Association, Swiss Notaries’ Association.

Publications: Author of various publications in the field.

Dr. Markus W. Stadlin